Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Monster Afghan – Happy End and Forever Diminishing Squares

I. DSC04525
The title of this post is rather morbid, though there’s very little drama involved, actually. The only monstrous thing about this finished afghan (or Selmaghan, as I call it) is its size. I haven’t measured it, but it covers my bed. At least widthwise. The bed is some 180 cm. No kidding. But I LOVE IT!!!!!! It started with scraps I had at home, and later on I bought a few skeins more, only because I planned a future of a bed spread for it. It will cover two adults watching TV now. Oh, and the cat, of course. If she could speak humanish, she would have told me: “You love this afghan, but I love it MOOOOORE!!!!!” I had hard time finishing it partly because it was technically impossible – I could not turn it around. The cat was sleeping in it the very second she got into it one half-second after I unfolded the blanket to work on it. I respect my cat’s sleep, most often. That’s why I call it Selmaghan – her name is Selma. See the connection?
But anyhow, the blanket it now finished, and even got an edging, which makes it look so much nicer and more finished! I even went to work one hour later today, so much I wanted to admire it spread on the bed.
Here’s Selma working away on her Selmaghan.
After such hard work – REST!!!!!
DSCN2265  DSCN2260
And here’s the finished object and border. I was running out of yarn, so I kept the edging very simple – first a row of dc, just to make it a bit more stable, and then sc chains, connected with dc. Ideally, I’d love a picot edging here, but I’d never have made it with the yarn I had. Well, I love it nonetheless. I see more blankets in my future…
II. Just as I said, more blankets in my future. This time – in baby format, for a friend of mine. But I got into trouble with it while crocheting squares. They were getting smaller and smaller. I tried to redo them, keeping an eye on my tension, but they were still diminishing. I realized, it’s better I stop and do something else, otherwise I’ll be constantly re-making those squares until the rest of my life. Just as a matter of fact, the baby was already born – approximately one month ago. I guess I should hurry…
Anyway, I turned to the good old granny square, also exchanging some colours. And I’m in love already. The squares turn out so delicate! Oh well, better you see it for yourself!
DSC04260 These are the old squares.
And here are the new ones:
Later I will add one row in white to all the squares, before sewing them together, and some border – perhaps scallops?

Friday, October 8, 2010

June Bugs Mitts and Leafies

My very first very own design is here! Just simple lacy mitts, but turned out cuter than I expected (if I may say so myself), and I can’t wait for the weather to get colder, so that I can finally wear them :lol: Right now we are having an almost Indian summer here. As for the pattern, I’ve sent it to be tested, hopefully, the numbers will not turn out too small…
And here are my babies: 
I’m especially pleased by the details – the fold-in edge makes them look pretty different from the usual mitts. I ADORE picot edge. But it’s so much Reading Mitts, if you know what I mean. And they will fir wonderfully my Swallowtail Shawl in the same yarn!
Now about other things: I have a pair of socks on my needles, that I also want to turn into a pattern. Once again, with lace. I just can’t keep my fingers from all things lacy! Maybe, it’s because  I don’t live in THAT cold climate anymore. You can afford some ventilation in your garments once in a while, even in winter.
However, here are the Leafies: usual top down sock, eye of partridge heel (heel flap). But the colour is wonderful – deep green, unfortunately, not shown all that well on the picture. They will go to a friend of mine in Mexico. I have to confess, I was surprised to know that, but she occasionally freezes there, especially in the winter.
DSCN2099       DSCN2093

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New beginnings!

I need a new beginning, a fresh  start. A new blog, too, for that matter. This blog is going to be devoted to knitting, and, hopefully, cooking. Welcome!

So, back to our sheep knitting. I am seriously thinking about designing my own patterns, if not on a highly professional level, then offering them for free, but I have to get creative, or, sooner, I have to let that volcano erupting in my head get finally out into the open. If  I think about it, I was designing when I was 15. Really. I was knitting a lot back then, as I couldn't find sweaters that I liked and that would fit me or my wallet. So I just did them myself. I looked through the magazines, found the stitch I liked, created a shape in my head, knit a small swatch, calculated the gauge and later I had a sweater! My creations are surely documented somewhere, buried safely in the family archive... That's the same my Mom did, and my Grandma... We were designing patterns! So, if I could do it when I was 15, why can't I do it now, when I am older and weighed down by various experience?

The desire was fueled by necessity. I have tiny feet. Everyone says that. My friends say that. I know it myself. The usual sock patterns can be knit by me, no doubt, but not as socks, or at least not for me. As a cowl, perhaps? There was already someone out there with a brilliant idea to turn the Monkey socks by Cookie A into cowl (hey, why someone else always gets the best ideas?). Of course, I can sit quietly in my corner and jknit my socks with whatever stitches I can find to squeeze into the 56 stitches I have to CO to get around my feet. but I am a teacher, too, you know. I like to teach. I like to share with people. I like to spare them the pain of figuring it out all by themselves if the knowledge is already there. I want to share my patterns. After discussing the issue with the fellow Ravelrers (Ravelers?) I came to the conclusion that we, small-footed people, may be overpowered by the Big Foots (sorry, guys!) but we do exist. And we need socks. For our dainty, tiny, freezing feet!!!!
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