Thursday, March 21, 2013

Color Obsession_Yellow

Spring is in the air (at least in the Northern hemisphere), and though poor Germans are all covered in snow, we are enjoying rather mild weather, and whatever snow fell recently it has already almost melted away. For me spring will always be of two colors: green and yellow. Sometimes a splash of orange. But yellow and green are a must.
The table runner and two pillows are made with IKEA fabric, their fabric is my favorite when it comes to making home decor! The backs of the pillows are just simple solid color cotton. DSCN2862
And daffodils! I don’t have a garden, and buying potted ones are rather a waste of money for me anyway, as I have to throw them away as they don’t bloom anymore.
And what are your spring colors?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Those Who Can’t…

fake it! Or, at least, get a ready-made version. Today I sat down to have some coffee, happy that my boy was rather content to play by himself. Also, at this age of his it’s not potentially dangerous anymore for me to have a cup on the table and even arrange it on some kind of … well… something nice. I even splurged on some biscuits. And just before the first sip of my coffee I glanced down on my pretty arrangement and it struck me: my mug rug was a heat pad from IKEA (in fact, bought straight away to serve as a mug rug!), my butter biscuits from a supermarket contained, oh jeez, 13% butter, and my coffee was of the instant variety. One thing was genuine, though: my pleasure.
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