Thursday, May 19, 2011


Now that it’s getting warmer, I see more often dogs tied outside the shops, expecting their owners. Somehow it’s always painful for me to witness, as if these dogs have been abandoned. In a way, at least in their doggy brains, they have been – animals don’t have a notion of future as we do, and they don’t really grasp the idea of “Ill be back soon”. What is soon for them? As minutes, hours, or perhaps years for us?
This dog has been waiting for the owner to come back, and served me a great model – I just bought my new Nikon then and wanted to try it out downtown. This dog was such a personalization of waiting! I think he was bored, too… The pictures were later edited with Picasa, to accentuate certain aspects of the photos.
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16_softened up_focus on reflection

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