Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simply Grey

I am a trained teacher, and worked long enough in education. Almost every teacher will agree: even though you have a secret favorite, and maybe aren’t on very good terms with some of the students, but in the end, you love them all. Just differently. And the same applies to colors. When asked about my favorite color, I’m always at a loss – I don’t love ALL of them, but I have hard time to pick only one. If I say ‘royal blue’, them immediately yellow comes to mind. If I say ‘green’, I feel I’m betraying deep red. And so on. Take grey: it has always been on my list, just the last 6-8 years due to various life circumstances it was … well… not very present. So now, I guess, it’s compensating for all those years in exile. Namely, it has taken over. I’ve realized it when taking photos of my recent craft projects for this post. Just look for yourself:
  • grey hats for my men, big and small
  • dark grey table runner
I have a elaborate here a bit: the Christmas tree on the right (yes, it’s a Christmas tree) was built by my DB from our son’s Lego pieces. Big boys like to play, too :)
  • dark grey pillow cover with a grey linen back. I’ve mastered zipper installation with this one, thanks to a marvelous tutorial from Design Sponge! I’ve made 3 pillow cases already, and it worked like a charm!
DSCN0172 Zipper view :)
  • grey and white checkered cloth napkins
On New Year’s Eve we are hosting a small party. Guess, which color scheme I’ve chosen for that one? In case you are having a hard time, I tell you: silver. Now, I’m wondering: is it a reaction to the red and green Christmas? Or just to the red and orange colors of my son’s pram?
And what color is YOUR Christmas?
This one more time I link to My Creative Space.

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