Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keep Calm and Swatch On

Gauge is a tricky matter in the knitting business. Everyone knows your should swatch before you start knitting, and many ignore it. I mean, gauge is written on the ball band, right? I confess, this was my philosophy oh so often. And I was mighty lucky, as I never had problems with sizes of the finished projects later. Nastier things happened, though. Like planning a project, finding a lovely stitch pattern, the suiting yarn in the color you love, designing a project and then… on finishing… realize… that the stitch/yarn/color combo JUST DOESN’T WORK. That sucks, doesn’t it? My previous knitting half-disasters left me with some lack of motivation to start something new, but a swatch was just a perfect size, you know. A great way to play around with yarn and some new stitches, and get a feeling if they are a match made in heaven. Or maybe not. Plus, I have several ideas kicking around in my head, but, alas, not enough time to commit to them right now. Once again, enter a swatch.
Swatch collage
Invigorating! And I had some fun with taping the swatches on the wall. A tabletop is not a very safe place with an active and curious-about-everything-Mummy-is-doing  2-year old :)

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