Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May I Proudly Present…


In moments of desperation I thought this post would never see the light of day (I’ve been writing the opening line for a few days in my head already). But sewing gods must have had mercy on me, and I did finish my Wiksten tank top! The very first adult garment, and rather wearable, in a slippery cotton/viscose blend. The most excellent choice for a beginner to sew a top for the first time. Really.

I took a lot of freedom with the pattern, though, including some amount of cutting off pieces. The neckline was too deep for me, and the armholes were flashing some parts of my attire I would like to stay hidden. But it was very easy to alter, in fact. I omitted French seams, too, due to the slippery fabric, and serged the seam allowances (but it frays like crazy, if I didn’t have a serger I would have had to turn to French seams, after all).

Before I say (or write, to me more exact) the next sentence, I want to assure that the pattern is very easy. But the most nightmarish part was THE HEM. In the end I got so desperate that I just cut it off in a straight line, that later on turned out not so straight, either, and the front side is shorter than the back, but it looks good, phew! But I found one very useful link on finishing curved edgings. To save some length, I serged the edge and made a single-fold hem. Here’s a close-up:


All in all, this is not a top I would wear on my night out due to many faults, but I was feeling proud of myself nonetheless and  even performed a mad dance around the fire (in my head, once again, to save the living room floor) :)

It’s a lovely pattern, and the top is wonderful, but if you are a beginner, I really recommend you to collect a bit of information on hemming curved edges before, it will definitely save you lots of headache!

Today I link to My Creative Space.


  1. Beautiful top - great work!

  2. It's beautiful!

    I'm off to check out the pattern now. I really want to start sewing myself some new clothes.


  3. If you are new to sewing it's a great pattern to start! Happy sewing!


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