Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Unavoidably, Christmas time is all about gorging yourself on sweets. The richer the better, to keep those freezing temperatures in check. Growing an extra layer of fat, you know :) So in fact I thought it only appropriate to call this gorgeous ice-cream recipe (requiring NO ice-cream machine!) decadent. [A decadent person or group has low moral standards, definition given by Cambridge dictionaries online]. Indeed. Once you try it, you are lost. It’s creamy and somehow produces only an urge to have MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!!!!! It was really difficult to stop, honestly.
I modified the recipe slightly, after having read all the comments on the website. I whipped the cream first, until it was rather thick, but still soft, and then let the condensed milk treacle in, with the beaters still running (I dumped the whole 397 g can, by the way), and then whipped some more. And then off into the freezer, I popped my ice-cream in at about 2 PM, and in the evening it was already frozen. It gets harder, though, the more it freezes, and I found it helpful to let it thaw a bit (I put it in the fridge then, though) – some 15-20 minutes, and it’s easier to scoop. Many people complained about greasy residue in the mouth  - well, I didn’t have this! Perhaps the cream was just overbeaten, easy mistake, unfortunately, if you beat just a tiny bit too long. Or if you eat it straight from the freezer. I’ve just did this, and yes, it could be something in it. Ok, I’d better finish this post, otherwise I’ll gobble up the second container here and now. And then… and then… I’d better call the ambulance, considering the amount of fat and sugar rushed into my body. But oh my, so delicious!


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