Monday, July 18, 2011

Cutting and Sewing


Gatto has started sewing! It’s been so hot here recently, that handling any kind knitting has become impossible, even with cotton. I’ve been interested in patchwork for quite some time now, but it never went further than drooling  over all the beautiful quilts one can find on the Internet. Somehow, I was afraid that I’d fail (big time, too) and just cut up lots of fabric for nothing. Well, wise people say you just have to try. I did. Lots of planning, calculating (not always correctly) and cursing over my non-existing mathematical abilities – and I have two pillow fronts! Actually, three, but the last one suffered somewhat from the larger than life confidence in my knowledge  of IKEA products. I was so very sure that the pillow measured 40x40 cm. While pressing the seams on the finished pillow front, a light bulb went on in my head and I decided to measure the pillow. That was an Oh, crap! kind of experience. The pillow mysteriously fattened up to 50x50 cm. After all, not too bad, as I can add a white border just as on the other two.

Lesson learned: don’t think. Check.

One more lesson learned: Patchwork is like chocolate (or coffee, as far as I am concerned), i.e. addictive.

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