Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Once again, I turned to Eat Pray Love - this time a random selection, I've just opened a dog-eared page (and they are MANY) and this is what I've got:

''I can choose my thoughts.''

Another smack on the head. What should I say - have you ever thought THAT possible? Well, it obviously IS possible, though right now it feels like trying to feel relaxed in a most complicated yoga position you take for the very first time after you've spent some months in total immobility (since I've never went too deep into that time-wasting activity, yoga, that is, I don't even know which position it is. I would suggest it has something to do with a dog).

Honestly, I've always had a suspicion that we can control our thoughts at least to a certain degree, though never tried. Laziness, I guess, and unwillingness to give up that little sweet habit so many of us have - feeling sorry for myself. It's like craving chocolate - you know it's not really good for you and barely healthy, but it brings comfort, however dubious. But now it's time to give up chocolate unhealthy thinking, since

''I will not harbor unhealthy thoughts anymore.''

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