Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quotation Wednesday_On discontent

I'm still ploughing through Eat Pray Love right now (though ploughing refers to my lack of reading time and not the quality of the book, which is, by the way, superb). The book is already totally dog-eared (I'm prone to that, but only with my own books), but this sentence made me want to rip out the page completely and ... I donno, maybe eat it? So that is stays with me forever? Because otherwise I'm afraid I can occasionally forget it...

I don't mind anything these days. I can't imagine or remember discontent.

Imagine is not the biggest here. Remember is bigger. It's like when you want to quit smoking, or drinking coffee, or popping chocolate into your mouth while going up the hill with the pram with the 10-kg baby inside and thus reducing all your pram-pushing to mere nothingness. Not remembering what pleasure that bad habit of yours used to give you is pure bliss.

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