Thursday, August 2, 2012

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You know, a question like Who doesn’t like to get presents? just a little while ago was … hmm… rhetorical. Now It’s turning realistic. The number of people warning their friends BEFOREHAND that they actually don’t want any presents seems to be growing. (Though I have to say, I’m never sure if they really don’t want any presents or it’s their idea of being nice and considerate, in the times of financial crisis. Whatever). But I simply can’t bear turning up at a birthday party or, even worse, a wedding party empty-handed. It just seems rude, to me, at least. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned? Or the people around really have it ALL? And then I remembered a discussion I had with an acquaintance of mine, about crafting some, say, 30-40  years ago and today. Before women used to knit/sew a lot often because it was cheaper or you simply couldn’t find what you wanted. Today we craft to get something UNIQUE, that stands out of the crowd (and it’s not necessarily cheaper than buying, but that’s another discussion altogether). So now, when I feel baffled with the choice of a perfect gift, I think about something handmade, original, at the same time practical, that will tickle the recipient or simply will brighten the day a bit.
I’m really happy I started sewing, as we’ve been experiencing rather tropical temperatures lately (though it has cooled off a bit now), and I’m not in the fan club, I am not. I don’t like cold, either, for me it’s all about moderation. I should have been born in Sweden – they have a WORD in Swedish, lagom, which means … well, just in the middle, moderate. You know, the magic  balance, not too much, not too little. But I’m deviating (as usual), let’s get back to gifts I’ve been laboriously creating lately :)
I was so blown away by these dishtowels from Purl Bee, that I decided to make my own, with coarse linen I bought at IKEA, and some trim band and lace – the last too were literally BREATHING Alpine charm. Let me tell you, I LOVE linen. Before I loved it in (store-bought) clothes, it’s simply indispensible for summer, but for home… a bit expensive. Especially dishtowels. Even for gifts.  The linen I’ve used is cheaper, as it’s the coarse variety (I’ve did some cross stitching on this kind of linen when I was young and my eyesight was better; not many years ago at all), and I actually have no idea whatsoever how absorbent it is, as I’ve cut it all up for the towels and haven’t left any scrap to test, but I think they will be used mostly as decoration by the recipient, anyway. But it is perfect if you are after  a somewhat rustic look for your kitchen. Ahh, they turned out lovely!
Here’s the trim/lace:
The hangers are in fact done with the help of a tutorial I’ve found some time ago, but I haven’t saved the link, alas! The idea is however very simple – you just tuck in the ends of the twill tape (or whatever you are using for a hanger) DIAGONALLY when you are hemming the towel, let’s say, top and left side. Very easy and very practical. I like in particular that there’s no hanger sticking out.
I’ve got so carried away by these towels, that I made another set, in lovely soft waffle fabric (actually I was planning just simple towels for myself, but so happy I changed my mind!):
And here is a small make-up bag, doubling as a present package in this case, made for my DB’s niece. She’s 15 now, and pretty often she gets money or a gift card, which is not that bad, at least she can choose what she really likes. But in the long run, it’s boring. Wouldn’t you be bored too? She has decorated her room recently, in trendy purple-green color combo, and I had a pale lilac linen and a sweet polka dot cotton in my stash already, so I guess it’s a rather practical item however it will be used… I love the green zipper!
DSCN8276 DSCN8282
I still have some fabric and bright yellow trim left, but I think these towels will be for me:
If you haven’t got enough of picture overload, more creative spaces you find here.

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  1. Those kitchen towels just turned out lovely. So sophisticated. The linen fabric looks rich, and the trims are just lovely. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration :) (and the makeup bag is darling!)


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