Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Creative Space_Sky is the Limit

Almost watercolor sky
Like-minded people think alike, right? Just last week, preparing my My Creative Space post, I was debating with myself if I should write down a recipe instead of a routine knitting/sewing thing, kitchen is a creative space too, after all! In the end sewing won, as I wanted also to show off my new towels. And then I open Kirsty’s post for the week and bang! what she suggests if not thinking about all the other places we do get creative! Well, the last week post was about sewing all right, but this week I change my direction.
Besides, this week’s challenge is my top tip for staying creative. The first thing that came into my mind was keep going, keep making stuff, try something new – but it all seemed so banal, so everyone-knows-that-already and, most of all, not really me. And I realized that when my creative springs run dry, I go backwards, into the past. Look through the photos I took maybe years ago, remember the sweaters I knit so many years ago I don’t even want to count them. And believe me, the effect is close to a kick in the butt. IF I COULD DO IT THEN´, WHY CAN’T I DO SOMETHING EVEN BETTER NOW????? is the inevitable question. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
The recipe has to wait for another round, I’m afraid. This time it’s going to be photography, another dream of mine, for realization of which I don’t really have time right now (does it sound as lame to you as to me?) I do try, but it’s lots of baby (who became a toddler in the meanwhile) photos in chaotic domestic surroundings recently. If you are a fan of portrait photos, I’m sorry, I’m not your guy. I’ve always been fascinated by landscapes. And the sky. I grew up deep in the North, where in summer the sun goes down only for a couple of hours. It simply doesn’t get dark, you have a summer of perpetual day. Unfortunately, at that time my camera was totally incapable of capturing THAT sky. Many years later and a different camera, I decided to try my hand at some sky photography, in town. Here are some pictures taken two years ago (sorry, nothing recent!), but every time I look at them I remember how much fun I had in the process! (For those interested in technical details: Nikon CoolPix P100, edited in Picasa, as I I don’t have the Photoshop).
Sky over Hauptbahnhof_changed
Piece of town sky_changed
Deep blue sky
And my heavily edited favorite, it looks… electric, don’t you think?
Electric sky
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