Friday, February 10, 2012

My Creative Space_I'm dreaming of a green summer...


Just to prolong the illusion of summer (we are experiencing below zero temperatures here): simple pasta with cherry tomatoes. Of course, if you are experiencing summer right now (you lucky bastard, who ever you are), it's the perfect dish, as tomatoes are ripe and sweet. If not, be content with anemic ones from the supermarket :)

Anyway, it's an instant gratification cooking. In fact, there's not much actual COOKING involved - you just have to boil water for the pasta, throw it in and try not to forget to take it out in time, to keep it al dente. And while it's getting ready, just cut the tomatoes in half if they are rather big, and leave the tiny baby ones whole. Put a package of ricotta cheese in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, add some spoonfuls of pasta water just to make it a bit more saucy, and mix in the tomatoes. When your pasta is ready, mix it with the sauce and you are ready to savour it! I've used the green fetuccine, for some colour play, but short pasta is actually more convenient to mix here...

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