Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Creative Space_Colour Therapy

We've finally got snow here, after quite many sunny and snowless days. And even though I grew up in a climate giving you -30°C winters, I'm not a fan of cold and am pretty content with the climate I have in my current place of residence. So, while outside it was looking like this:

I was working on this:

A crochet pillow cover, in cool cotton and bright summer colours. My boy loves to fall down on big soft pillows, especially face down, and I've realized that there are not that many covers to change. In fact, there's only one (before the pillow was just for decoration, simply lying around, and one cover was more than enough, who knew it would get such a workout?).  I've added some neutral, to calm down my inner colour freak, but you've got to start somewhere, right? All those colour really make me think of summer (oh, summer, where are thee?) and all the good edible things associated with it. The back will be fabric, with a zipper, I have some IKEA red and green fabric with funny hippos.

The only thing that bugs me about this cover, is the fugly 'seam' running on one side, typical of those granny squares. Mine is not even straight... Unfortunatelly, I've came across the granny square crocheted from the corner a bit too late, and didn't want to rip it all out. But if you are bothered by the seam, spoiling all your granny beauty, check this out and start making grannies from the corner!

And when I got some 15 minutes of quite time (it was more, in fact, but the other 45 min were used for something else), I've picked up this:

Have you ever read Gerald Durrell? If not, I highly recommend it, especially for children! His writing is highly entertaining and well-structured, it's simply a pleasure to read! Anyway, taking place at heat-infused and fragrant Corfu, this book will certainly make you forget about all the cold and snow outside. I've read some of his books as a teenager, and now want to relive those long gone days of my life, I guess... Now, where's that chocolate I've stashed away?????

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  1. Lovely bright cushion cover!!
    I haven't read that book - but we're enjoying rediscovering books from our childhood as our kids grow into them! We just read "animals of farthing wood." and I'm loving reading all the Famous Five books again!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    1. It's just great to re-read all those childhood books, something bittersweet, but oh so much honey... My son is too young yet for reading (he prefers to taste his books), but I was already crying my eyes out when I found some songs from my childhood and was plying them for him.
      Your pencil case is lovely!

  2. Gorgeous cushion cover! Love the bright/happy colours.

  3. Love Gerald. My saviour at sad times when a young'n. Great colours.

  4. I love your cover! It is so bright and happy!

    And I love your view outside your window. It is currently 35+ degrees Celsius here and I am sweating- YUCK!

    1. Oh, the extremities are never nice, are they? 35+ would kill me, too :( I'm longing for spring!!!!!!

  5. I sure don't envy you that snow!
    Love the cushion cover!
    The book sounds intriguing.


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