Friday, February 17, 2012

My Creative Space_Colour Friday

To animate myself to blog, I've decided to make a colour post every Friday - the colours that are around a lot at the moment, or catch my attention for that or another reason.

Here are the colours of this Friday - orange, several shades of green, yellow - all bright and summery. The crochet squares will eventually (and hopefully, soon) morph into a pillow cover, a companion to this one. The rolled up orange-green creation is a ripple blanket, pattern by the lovely Lucy of Attic 24.

Why the toys, you ask? Well, my (normally) favourite colours are blues, greys and dark greens, even in summer, actually, I have several dark blue and brown summer dresses and pants. I can even wear black in summer! Such colours are great for combining with some white or some brights - you don't need a lot to stand out. And being a colour freak, as I've said before in this post, I have to 'balance out' the brights by some neutrals or dark shades, otherwise it's like chalk screeching on a blackboard (not the nicest sound on earth, don't you think?)

But enter the baby - and other colour preferences! My boy is a spring child, and all those oranges, greens and yellows just say SPRING all over. I didn't want any baby blue for him from the beginning (we were gifted enough of blue things, anyway), and  I much preferred green as a baby colour. But some thinking over why this colour choice actually stuck brought me finally to the toy box. Presto!

Oh, I've forgotten to mention that tiny turquoise triangle on the needles. It's a dishcloth-wannabe. I think I'm hooked (feels like a terrible word since it's knitted) on homemade dishcloths. I've always been skeptical about handmade dishcloths. Yes, they are environment- and budget friendly, but that's basically all, I thought. Inspiration struck when I realized that I don't have any more storebought cloths and somehow I always returned empty-handed (at least without cloths) from my shopping (crafty gods's doing?) So instead I remembered to buy some dishcloth cotton. I've already made one, and it's superb! It does the job so much better! And of course, you can recycle them many more times than those from the supermarket. You know, budget-friendly.

And here's someone caught ... what should I say... red-yarned? This is what happens when you have stray yarn lying around and mummy's blogging...

I wish you a Friday in your favourite colours!

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  1. I also followed Attic 24 for my crochet! She makes tutorials so easy to follow. Have a nice weekend!

  2. I really love your choice of colours, a really lovely colours for boys. Handmade dishcloths are so nice to use aren't they:) Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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