Friday, March 23, 2012

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Some time ago (I think some weeks already, but I'd better not think in numbers, they scare me) I've firmly (ha!) decided to blog more regularly. I even made a blogging schedule for myself - Quotation Monday, Colour Friday, you know. Well, life got in between me and my blogging. It's all life's fault. Damn you, life! It's not that I was not blogging, I was. Just mostly in my head, and I can't establish a very good connection between my brain and Internet, oh, it would be great, don't you think? Telepathic blogging... You know a researcher who would be interested?

Anyway, I've finally managed to cut into some earlier acquired fabric and also acquire some more. Some of it is still waiting to be butchered turned into something gorgeous. It was very domestic sewing: pants for my occasionally walking 1-year old and a pillow case for our ergonomic pillows.

The pants were done with pattern from Burda Style, they are really the best. The patterns I bought from them always have detailed instructions, which is immensely helpful for a beginner! I've wanted to make pants like these: somehow babies/toddlers in those ballooning trousers never cease to make me go all  mellow. The fabric is flannel my Mom brought for me from Russia,  it says "Brave Captain" all over. When I was cutting out the pieces, I've realized the fabric is in the colours of the Swedish flag: blue and yellow. Totally appropriate, considering the 8 years I spent in Sweden.

For further consolidation of the Swedish theme, of course IKEA fabric for IKEA pillows is the best choice! Some years ago I started to use these ergonomic pillows from IKEA, you know, that look like this: (image is from

Image from

and never stopped ever since - they are the best if your neck is aching. But the problem is, that due to their highly individual sizing the regular pillow cases don't really fit, yes, you can fold, but it's pretty annoying. It took me several years to realize that a pillow case is very easy to make. I had already one store-bought, so I simply deconstructed it (without cutting, though), and

ta-da! I have two well-fitting AND colourful pillow cases! (those from IKEA are sold only in white; since my childhood I have a strong aversion for white bed linens). Just please ignore the fact that the houses are pointing in the wrong direction... The fabric is nice, soft but not sloppy, I think they will hold well. And another 9 metres or so of fabric with a very similar design are awaiting to become duvet covers...

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