Saturday, September 3, 2011

September, 2nd_Berrylicious

This is grand opening post of the new Carpe (Yester)Diem blog!

Amidst my knitting and keeping my baby from falling down from all possible surfaces, I was in a baking mode yesterday (the blessed moments when he was sleeping). I’m trying (hard and not always successful) to stick to some kind of diet, to lose the baby fat, and those buns fit the bill – just with some honey for sweetness and fresh berries, for even more dolce-ness. And they look just as good as they taste!

Here we go (all measurements are in ml here, as it’s a Swedish recipe; conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit was done on my mobile phone, so please don’t take the numbers too seriously):
50 g yeast (I used dry here)
500 ml milk
50 ml vegetable oil
50 ml honey (use the same measuring cup you’ve just used for oil – honey glides out effortlessly then)
200 ml oats
about 1110 ml flour 
200 ml fresh berries (blueberries, for example)

Warm up the milk to about 40°C/104°F (use your small finger, it should feel the heat already!). In the meanwhile, mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add oil, honey and berries to the milk and then gradually add the flour mixture. Very often you can need less flour – I’ve noticed how much flour varies even from package to package. The thing is to get the dough that is NOT firm enough to knead with the hands – all you have to be able to do is to mix it with the spoon. Or machine, if you prefer it that way, but it can mash the berries.

Leave the dough for 30 minutes to raise and preheat the oven to 225°C/437°F. Scoop up the dough with a spoon and put it in heaps on the baking sheet (well, you can always strive for a certain bun-likeness). Bake for 12-15 minutes. And then comes the best part – devouring them still hot with a cuppa of your preferred drink and perhaps some butter!

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