Saturday, September 3, 2011

Change of (Blogging) Orientation

After realizing that my blog is lacking the “spine”, I’ve decided to make some changes, hopefully successful! I’ve been toying with the idea of a photo blog for quite some time now, but always thought that I don’t have the ‘balls’ - ‘balls’ here meaning a proper camera and interesting enough surroundings. But that doesn’t lead us anywhere, right, just sitting around and thinking that since I don’t lack this and oh, if only I could have that, and of course, that I will never have, I’d better not even try to shake the air.
So I’m going to use whatever ‘balls’ are available and give it a try. It will be mostly a photo blog, but devoted to yesterday. A challenge to myself, too – always have my camera ready and look for beauty in the mundane (I mean, how big are the chances of my going on a safari? I can dress my cat up as a tiger, but this will be a forever sleeping one). This will be a blog about my yesterdays – yesterdays spent crafting, cooking, going for walks with my growing-up-too-fast little boy or contemplating Her Feline Sweedeness Selma the Cat lying in all possible places around the house, extremely busy with a very important task – resting. (Please, don’t underestimate the difficulty level of this activity, ever. The secret is a constant training.)
The new name of the blog reflects its topic, too. Here I have to go up into the attic of my brain and dust off the knowledge of Latin still left from my university years (to tell the truth, that’s more or less all I could find in the dark corners of my mind). But it fits, phew.
So, the blog of yesterdays starts officially here!

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