Friday, September 16, 2011

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I'm going green. No, not with envy. Just having lots of green recently in my fabric choice. I had a green room as a child myself, and I am still partial to this color in room decor. But what I will never be able to have at home is purple-green combo. It's OK to see it in other people's homes, (though to be honest, sometimes it's tiring, too), but I will never be able to live with it. Well, I've slid off the topic without even starting, as usual.
Back to our sheep: I've noticed there has been lots of various shades of green in my sewing lately, and mostly baby-oriented (sewing, that is, not shades of green). I love to read how other people „whip up“ things. It sounds really so effortless and überquick. I, on the contrary, can not „whip up“ anything, apart a baby bottle (I mean, THAT'S idiot proof – just mix water and formula; the baby is already almost feeding himself). My sewing, even simple, has nothing to do with whipping anything up. It's a tedious process, constantly interrupted by demands of my attention either by my cat or the baby. Usually they put themselves in line (using a figure of speech here) and make kind of chorus where one voice is being joined by the other almost at the very end; you know what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But nonetheless, I still managed to make something, and even stage a small photo shoot while the baby was busy with his gym and the cat was enjoying the quiet time. 

The blanket is super simple, just sewing two fabrics together (I had cotton and some not-so-attractive-and-dark flannel) and turning the whole thing inside out. I really wanted to have a binding there, as without one it looked really just like that – two pieces of fabric put together. But the shiny satin tape really changed the look! I used zigzag this time, and it does make a difference. Zigzag is forgiving, and you get a much neater binding this way, at least, if you have very little experience with it.
The remains of the fabric became the bibs (we've just moved to Carrotville, so bibs are more than essential), with the pattern from the Purl Bee – wonderful pattern and great instructions! Though I have to confess that my very first bib with that pattern never made it – I simple could not turn it inside out. So the next one got a hole on the side; much easier. I've made already so many of these bibs, this is perhaps the only thing I can almost sew in my sleep. On the back there's terry cloth of some wonderful emerald color. In large amounts is rather difficult to digest, but in small drops in form of bibs it's great! For closing I've used Velcro tape – it's much easier to fasten the bib with a Velcro, even if the baby is not holding his head yet.

And then there was the ‘sausage’ pillow (also seen on the very first picture). Actually, it was born out of necessity. My son just started turning on his stomach, and for reasons for me resting in darkness, he was doing it even in his sleep, waking up frustrated (because he could not hold his head in that position yet, I’m only guessing here), not sleeping himself and waking us up, too. In the end I could barely sleep, as I was busy being scared that he will turn on his face at night and not be able to turn back. Following the recommendation of my Mom, who had only one child but is still full of useful information about child rearing, I first rolled up some baby blanket and put beside him. I could clearly see, how RELAXED he looked while sleeping peacefully, without all this stupid turning. And then the pillow was born. I made it myself, too, using up all the filling I had. It’s very light and soft, so there’s no hazard. But such a pillow can not be washed, so I had to make a cover for it, of course. This IKEA fabric is lovely, and it stands out really when you use it for some larger surfaces. It’s a source of major attraction for the baby, too. He loves watching the shapes. Sometimes the pillow attacks, but normally is soon wrestled into submission. I’m very happy with how it turned out and that it’s used so much!

And now, even though I realize you must be text and picture overloaded already, I can't resist showing you some more greenery, a baby blanket I crocheted some time ago (Ravelled here). The original pattern was for knitting, but it was easy to figure out the blocks, and I decided to crochet it, as I could not stand the idea of having numerous stitches on the needles. And I needed the needles, too, all the rest were already taken. I love the greens there! They just work together so well!
So, have I inspired you to go and dig in your yarn or fabric stash for some greens?

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  1. These all look awesome. Very plain but stunning, these gave me a one of a kind impression for making use of unexpected simple but attractive colors. And YES, you've sure inspired me for these, now I'm off looking for ideas to have my own green fabric creation.


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