Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September, 5th_The REAL knitter

My Autumnalis Cowl is almost finished. How I'd like to write something like I'm binding it off while I write! That will never happen, though, since I, miserable creature, resemble a common human being and not Shiva. So pathetic. I could use an extra pair of hands right now, and both growing out of my own body, please.

But let's get serious: I was going to make a small photo shoot, to show 'my' progress on the cowl, when I was met by a reproachful look of Her Feline Swedeness. How could you??? Were these eyes asking me. I could not, indeed. So here it comes: please, meet the real knitter behind my projects - Her Feline Swedeness Selma the Cat. The only reason she is not holding the needles is that she has been working so hard that she got too tired even to sit up and look nice. I'm sure you understand.

This cowl is joining the trio of cowls I've finished but have to sew/add the buttons. I haven't even added the other two to Ravelry yet, as I was not sure if they were going to turn out right. But they look good, phew. Stay tuned for more update!

P.S.: I've managed to bind of  the cowl while writing this post - my computer has  been THAT slow.

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