Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Creative Space_Baby Sweater on Tiny Needles

Sock yarn and 2,5 needles… (size, that is, in mm). But the colors are oh so lovely! They remind me of watercolors and thunder sky here. I’m enjoying the time when I can still knit something for my son and he WILL wear it. He’s only 6 months old and cannot speak yet. He can not say “I will not wear this!” (oh, thank God!). I guess, when you are that small, the only thing you care about when it comes to clothing is if it’s scratchy or not and how much discomfort it causes you to put it on. Life is simple then, isn’t it?
It’s a basic top-down raglan cardigan, in Regia Merino Twist. Yes, a thicker wool will yield a sweater much faster. But I need something for the coming not too warm and not too cold weather, and sock wool is perfect for that.
Falls are pretty capricious here in Austria, in the mornings it’s rather chilly, you do need gloves or at least fingerless mitts, and in the afternoon you start swearing over all the clothing items that have to be put somewhere, as NOW it’s too warm in your poncho/scarf/cowl/whatever you threw on in the morning. And in the evening… well, just check above about the morning. But beautiful they are too, I have to say. A golden fall, with leaves not turning all wrinkly and ugly yellow over the night and falling off altogether, but slow, with spells of warm weather, and leaves showing all the possible colors – yellow, ruddy, greenish, you name it, you have it. I grew up in a place where summer (if you get any) usually turns into more or less winter very abruptly – cold, humid, windy, rainy – you want some more?. Leaves are falling off altogether exactly there. But here… ahhhh, fall crawls slowly, letting you enjoy and not want to look back to summer. Here are some leaves I photographed last fall – I have never seen anything like this before. And of course, needless to say, such a fall is perfect for a knitter. So many opportunities to wrap yourself up in something hand knitted! I strayed aside in weather nostalgia… sorry! I wish you a lovely (knitting) fall!


  1. Love to see the finished cardigan. My girlie is 5 and we already have way too much discussions about clothes yet. So enjoy this age of your son ;)
    Lovely picture! I love love love fall in Austria!

  2. I guess the girls are more complicated when it comes to clothes! (it's only a guess :)))
    We are having really great weather here in Graz, hope you are enjoying some summer temperatures on Vienna, too!


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